Brown phlegm sore throat

Others . If you have chronic lung disease, you may be used to seeing brown phlegm. The color of your mucus can hint at what's going on in your airways, and the best treatment to seek out. Acute bronchitis usually starts with a sore throat, runny nose or sinus infection and a lot of phlegm and mucus, often dark yellow, green, or rusty brown in color. Viral pneumonia: This form of pneumonia is caused by an infection in your lungs. Mar 15, 2017 This mucus creates postnasal drip and may make you cough up clear phlegm. After being produced in the respiratory tract, most of it goes down the back of the throat and is swallowed. Dec 13, 2018 or produce thick yellow, green, brown or blood-stained mucus (phlegm) severe symptoms, such as rapid breathing, chest pain or confusion. Tag: Mucus, Sore Throat ?Share Although the color of your mucus may have meaning, it's usually not enough to if you have green mucus, but you don't have a fever or sore throat, you aren't Mar 5, 2018 Understand your coughing up brown-black mucus symptoms, including 9 cough, sore throat, wheezing, coughing up green or yellow phlegm. Early symptoms include fever, dry cough, muscle pain, and other flu-like symptoms. Dec 22, 2017 The phlegm is brown because of blood and the intense chronic inflammation that comes with the chronic disease state. Jan 29, 2018 It usually begins with a sore throat, and before you know it, you've also If you cough up thick or dark mucus or you get a fever, you may have Jul 13, 2017 Clear mucus is normal. It consists of water, salts, antibodies and other immune system cells. In some cases, you may find that the phlegm progress to a yellow or green color. If the color of the mucus changes to green or yellow, it may be a sign that a Sore throat This is because the mucus in their airways doesn't drain well. Brown phlegm may indicate possible bleeding, and if so, is likely to be caused by bleeding that happened a while ago. The bacteria camp out inside the lungs and cause very gradual changes in the consistency and appearance of phlegm. Center: Cough